Tuesday, August 26, 2008

We Figured It Out!

Noah watching TV after his one mile run
I only see him this still when he is really sick
This is a pretty normal site around our house
This is where Noah sits if Sissy is in the floor. He sits on her back more than he sits in a chair

So far we are off to a great start this week. Monday I was officially released by the doctor. I was also able to start driving again because I was able to stop taking the narcotic pain medications. I am actually not taking any pain meds at this time. Tuesday I lost one of the last "BIG" scabs. This was a big deal because now there is no risk of bleeding. I still have some minor scabbing that is irritating but not very painful. There is still some pain especially with my ears and my throat is still achy but I finally feel human again. I am actually eating some solid foods although I still have to eat very small bites. Sneezing and yawning still hurts something awful, and I can't stand for my throat to become dry. I had my first full glass Diet Coke today. It actually tasted good for the first time. It still burns a little...not the good kind of burn either but it is getting better. I still prefer water which is better for me any way. My nose is still sore and I can tell it is in that itchy healing stage. It is more tender than it has been but I think that it is doing pretty good.

My ENT said that he wanted me to start power walking two miles a day as soon as I was released. We had intended to start walking when school started but I was thinking that we would start off with a mile on school days. Monday we started school and we incorporated our walking into our school day (it was great for PE). We also went for a walk that evening when James came home. Today I drove the van to see how far we were walking and it was a little over one mile. Since we are walking the same route morning and evening we are accomplishing our two plus miles a day. So far we have done this for two days. Here's the best part. Instead of pushing Noah in the stroller I decided to let him walk Monday morning. He ran most of the way. I am telling you this boy has so much energy. So then it came time for our evening walk and I planned on taking the stroller. When he heard we were going for our walk he got so excited and ran out the door with dad. He ran the whole way again. Remember we are power walking. Not the fastest in the world but not a leisure stroll. Then we met some friends for ice cream at DQ (I know that kinda cancels out the walk) and he played for about an hour on the play ground. I could not believe that the child could still stand and this only proves how much energy he has. So today we go for our walk and he is very excited but moving a little slower. We get home and walk in the door. He asked for his juice and said "I just need to watch Sesame Street". We did his letters in his name and colored his picture first. Then he went and got his blankie and laid in the floor and watched Sesame Street. We really do not let him watch a lot of TV nor does he sit very long when he does. This time however he did not move. When it was over he came in and said 'I'm so hungry and my wegs hurt". I made him some lunch and then he took a three hour nap. SO I FIGURED IT OUT! All I have to do to wear out my two year old is let him run three miles in two days and let him play at the park for an hour. No big deal. SIGH!

School is going pretty well. Monday she was done by three and today she was done by four or four thirty. That includes any seat work or home work. I have to say that God has such a sense of humor. I believe that since I did not take school very serious he is having me repeat it. I have to study as much as she does. I also have to read the same novels so that we can discuss them. Today we started Ann of Green Gables. It is pretty good so far.

This year I decided that if we had any attitude problems such as arguing, complaining or just a bad attitude that she was going to have to do ten jumping jacks for every offense. It works great. By the time shes done she's usually laughing at the situation and her attitude is better. She has to start her jumping jacks over if they are sloppy so yesterday she did several sets in the morning before she understood that I meant business. Today we only had one offense. This may work for attitude and PE.

So far we are off to a good start. Last year at this time we were plugging away with school and had no idea that our lives were about to change. I want to be very clear that our lives did not change in the same way that another family's did, but things were still very difficult for such a long time. We are just asking that God will allow us to move through this school year without tragedy and filled with hope. We are also praying for God's strength and peace as we come upon the one year anniversary of Danny's death. We are excited about what this year will bring and look forward to a successful year.

By the way at two weeks post op I had lost twenty pounds. I am hoping that I will be able to continue to keep losing. Also James said that I have not snored in at least a week. I am feeling better so far but time will tell if we really resolved the sleep apnea issue. Either way I really do believe that I am breathing easier.

I better get to bed. Actuall y I need to read and get James' clothes ready for work...then bed!


Reba said...

So glad you are feeling better! Hope that keeps up! Sounds like your school year is off to a good start. I am impressed Noah walked that far. Maria starts complaining just walking around our neighborhood. I think she would prefer the stroller. :)
PS I loved the Green Gables books.