Monday, August 04, 2008

Rules for a reason!

So after today I think that Noah might understand a little better why mom kept saying no running at the pool. I must have said it a hundred times and he must have fallen at least a dozen or more times. Maybe the words finally sank in during the last 10 minuets when he had his last wipe out. He would wipe out hit his head and just keep on going. Of course he stopped for the kissing of the many boo-boos and for the lectures that came with those boo-boos but then he just darted off for more fun. I'm telling you just think energizer bunny on speed! So then it happened. One too many falls and by this time the skin had reached that soft pruney stage. You know where the skin is thin and wrinkled because of being in the water for so long. We were in the little kids part of the pool (because I needed a break and it was safe in there). I saw the whole thing. First the fall, then the head hitting the concrete bench and then the scream. I'm not sure that I have moved that fast in a really long time. I expected the majority of the damage to be on his head. Nope it is fully intact but the road rash on the leg and hand were enough cause for a little boy to loose all self control. At one point I actually swatted his bottom (it was light and it did not hurt him) to get him to calm down. I had no other way of knowing what was hurting unless he was calm enough to talk to me. That did the trick and then I was able to hold him and comfort him. Then came the cry for the band aid. There was no way that a band aid was going to fix this boo-boo but we set out for one any way. So long story short several very pretty lifeguards became mush in his hands as they set out to make this little guy feel better. They cleaned them and then bandaged his hand. The leg was a lost cause but wasn't as deep so no bandage on it. After some stinging spray, neosporin, a bandage, and a lengthy conversation from the lifeguards about no running at the pool we were on our way. I could tell that his leg was still bothering him but the hand was all better. In fact the hand was now something to show any one and everyone that would listen. He was very proud of his "big band aid" and told everyone no running at the pool. He even had to show the waitress at dinner tonight. So...maybe just maybe the next time mom says no running at the pool...well one can hope can't they.


Reba said...

Not a fun lesson for Noah. Poor thing! (I say that and I am the one who always tells my crying children, "Were you supposed to be running in the house??") Glad that there was no big harm done though.