Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Good Morning America &SSC Family

I was able to watch the interview with the Chapman family this morning. It was difficult to hear more of the details. It just breaks your heart all over again. It was very comforting though to see this family moving forward and holding each other so closely. I just know that our heavenly Father is holding them even tighter. It was encouraging to know that this family is receiving good council and that Will seems to be on a path of healing. It seems as though God had his hand on the changes that led to this interview being aired 11 weeks form the actual date the tragedy occurred. (the air date was changed several times and ended up on Wed)

It was heart breaking to see Mary Beth. I know the whole family is dealing with broken hearts but I just have so much compassion for this woman. Our prayers are with the Chapman family on this difficult yet eventful day. May God's kingdom be forever changed through this family's testimony.

Tomorrow (Thursday) the family will be on Larry King Live in the evening on CNN. Also People magazine will have there article on August 11th I believe.


Reba said...

Yep, cried all through it. My heart aches for all of them, Mary Beth really touched my heart...